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Because healthier dogs live longer

They're sidekicks. Family members. Friends you want to have with you for as long as possible. Why not help them be as healthy as possible? Dogs who are in great shape enjoy the same physical and psychological benefits as people who work out regularly. They have more energy, lower blood pressure, and stronger muscles and bones. Fit dogs are more social, sleep better and have fewer behavior problems. Most importantly, a regular exercise program can help your dog live longer.

Because your dog's health is just as important as yours

Although your dog can't tell you, he or she probably feels as lousy about sitting around the house or yard with nothing to do as you might in the same situation. And by now we all know that good health is important at any age or fitness level. Fit Paws has helped dogs of all ages and sizes be healthier and happier. So do your dog a favor and schedule a visit today. We guarantee you will see an improvement in your dogs health, behavior, and mood.

Because we have the time you don't

No matter how much time you spend with your dog after work or on the weekends, chances are your dog doesn't get as much exercise as he or she needs. And too little exercise leads to your dog being bored, under-stimulated, and even depressed. Fit Paws takes the guesswork out of your dog's exercise regimen. We'll design a comprehensive fitness plan, personally tailored to your dog's age, health and ability level and pair your dog with a comprable athletic trainer. This plan will not only reach your dog's health goals, but may also solve behavior problems such as chewing and/or excessive barking. As importantly, it will help you stop feeling guilty about not being able to spend enough time with your dog. Best of all, Fit Paws is insured and bonded, so you can rest easy knowing that your dog is getting safe and fun exercise with an experienced professional.

Because Getting started is easy

Fit Paws always schedules an initial consultation with you and your dog so that everyone feels comfortable about the exercise options available.

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Our Services


Services overview

Fits Paws offers custom tailored exercise plans built around one or more of the following base activities.

Walking Program

Although any dog can benefit from walking, those who will benefit most are older or out of shape dogs and certain breeds not suited for running or hiking. We offer both 30 and 45 minute walking sessions. These sessions can work towards running or hiking programs or can be designed as maintenance programs. Walk speed is tailored to your dog and, best of all, you can choose your dog's favorite walking route near your home, or we can design several routes to add variety to your dog's exercise program.

Running Program

Many dogs can benefit from either a full-fledged running program or a light jogging program. Fit Paws has designed running programs for both high performance running dogs and older or out of shape dogs. The latter usually start out on a walking and light hiking program and graduate to a custom-tailored running or jogging program, depending on their level of improvement. One client, a 9-year-old black lab with arthritis in her hip, was barely able to walk up stairs before she began working with her Fit Paws trainer. After six months in the program, her hip pain was all but gone, and she was able to go for 20 minute runs, in addition to walking briskly for 20 minutes before and after each run.

Hiking Program

The Boulder area has many beautiful hiking trails, ranging from very easy short hikes to longer more challenging half-day hikes. Fit Paws lets you choose your favorite hiking/open space trails for your dog or Fit Paws will pick a trail suited to your dog's ability and program needs. Best of all, Fit Paws hikes - like our walking and running programs - include only your dog, so that he or she gets plenty of personal attention and tailored exercise.

Fit Paws has been a life saver, literally, for my dog. When he was a young adult, I started a new job with a long commute that left me less time than ideal to exercise him. Embarrassingly, he became overweight and out of shape. Fit Paws worked to get him moving again regularly each week, and now he’s in great shape for his middle age!
— Mark K.
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fit paws pricing


30-min exercise session

$15 to $50

Single sessions or packages available.

60-min exercise session

$30 to $70

Single sessions or packages available.



45-Minute exercise session

$25 to $60

Single sessions or packages available.

2-4 hour hike escape sessions

$50 to $100

Single sessions or packages available.


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Fit Paws is currently booked with regular clients for most services. To inquire about future service, or to be put on the wait list, please fill out the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.